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The Perfect Diabetes-Friendly Grocery List

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent health concerns in the world today. It is estimated that more than thirty million Americans suffer from diabetes, with a majority of the people having type 2 diabetes. When one is suffering from the diseases, it means that their body is not breaking down food to use energy as it is required. Failure to manage the condition effectively can lead to other health complications. However, exercising and making the right food decisions have been identified as effective techniques for managing diabetes. Below is a list of foods that are suitable for people with diabetes.

  1. Vegetables

According to health experts, vegetables form the basis of a healthy diet. Vegetables are a good source of numerous components, such as vitamins, fiber, and numerous types of minerals that are beneficial to our bodies. For example, fiber and carbs that are usually present in many vegetables help our bodies to feel full and satisfied. Some of the vegetables that a diabetic person can use include low-GI vegetables, such as frozen green peas, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, and pepper, among others. Besides low-GI vegetables, one should choose veggies that have high-nitrate levels and rich in fiber.

  1. Meat and Seafood

In most cases, there is a correlation between diabetes and heart health. Hence, diabetic people should ensure that they choose fatty fish to enhance heart health and protect the brain. Some of the seafood that one can choose are salmon and sardine, as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which supports a healthy heart. One should at least eat two servings of fish every week. Additionally, one can take chicken and turkey breasts as they have proved to be good options. One should at least eat three servings of lean meat per week. Although some types of meat are highly recommended, a diabetic person should limit the intake of red meat as they have been linked to other health conditions that might compromise your health.

  1. Dairy and Dairy Alternatives

Numerous studies have shown that some dairy products, such as yogurt, are good for people with diabetes. Additionally, yogurt has been identified to prevent people at risk. However, not all types of yogurts are recommended, with many experts advocating for Greek yogurt, given that it is rich in protein and lower in carbs compared to traditional yogurt. Besides yogurt, one can consider cottage cheese as it has low carbs levels and high in protein. One should avoid yogurts with added sugar, which usually hide in flavorings and add-ins.

  1. Breakfast Cereals and Snacks

One thing people suffering from diabetes should note is they should avoid processed foods if possible. One way of ensuring that you avoid these products is by looking at the packaging for words such as whole grain, whole wheat, and high fiber. When choosing your cereals and snacks, it is recommended that foods with at least three grams of dietary fiber and fewer than eight grams of sugar per serving. Some of the products you can use include nuts (almonds), as they help increase insulin sensitivity.

  1. Grains

One thing to note is that too much carbs can lead to blood sugar spiking; hence, the need to be extra careful. Like in the previous category, one should choose the whole grain option as it is best for your health. Ensure you understand the right serving proportions to avoid overeating these foods. Additionally, one should choose foods that take longer to digest. For example, one can opt to buy corn, oats, buckwheat, and quinoa.

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