Grocery List for When You Are Broke

A Grocery List for When You Are Broke


A majority of the people have been broke at some point in life. When faced with such circumstances, people tend to make sacrifices and compromise the quality of their food. Although it is of utmost importance to make do with what you have, there are ways you can have quality food on a budget. Below is a list of some of the best groceries to purchase when on a budget.

  1. Apple

Fruits are an important part of our eating habits, and stocking up apples is one of the best techniques to ensure you are eating fruits when on a budget. They are not only excellent for their nutrition value but also because they are not highly perishable as compared to others like fresh berries.

  1. Eggs

When running low on cash, eggs are real life-savers. Their versatility makes sure that you will have a meal every day of the week. For example, one can eat scrambled eggs for breakfast, boiled ones for lunch, and fried for supper.

  1. Chicken Breasts

For many mothers, these come in-handy. For one, they are a value for your money averaging $4.99 at Freshkala. Having them in your fridge allows you to throw a quick and worthwhile meal at any time. Additionally, they are perfect when preparing a meal for one or two people as one package can take you through several meals, which helps you survive when on a budget. Just like eggs, they are versatile, and one can try numerous recipes.

  1. Brown and White Rice

This is a must-have as it can help you stretch your meals while at the same time, costing very little. Additionally, there are tons of recipes to try out, ensuring you are not bored with it. Brown rice represents the best value for money as it is highly nutritious with low cholesterol levels.

  1. Lentils

When broke, people look for something that will make them feel full quicker. In these scenarios, lentils ticks all the boxes. They are nutritious and are an excellent protein substitute. This will definitely help you stretch your meals.

  1. Tomato Sauce

This is a must-have when you are running low on cash. It is among the most affordable commodities and helps one make different meal solutions; a luxury broke people do not have. Its price allows you to add other products such as tortellini to add flavor to your recipes.

  1. Cheese

Generally, cheese is pricey and might seem ill-advised to be on this list. Nonetheless, if you are capable of stocking up your fridge when the cheese is on offer, you will have saved yourself some pressure. Cheese is usually on offer, so finding such deals will not be a tall order. The best thing is its relatively long shelf-life, which makes it a must-buy.

  1. Pantry Staples

These are a must-buy when broke, given that they are incredibly versatile. Their versatility helps you make several recipes ensuring you are not bored with eating one meal. Some of the staples you should consider include bread, instant potatoes, and dry beans, among others.

  1. Garlic and Fresh Herbs

Having no money to spend means fewer ingredients, which affects the taste of the meal. I believe garlic is one of those few groceries that give your meal a better taste. Garlic and herbs are used in a small dosage, which will help stretch your meals.

  1. Onions

 It is necessary to have a bunch of these to help you add flavor to your meals. They are cheap and have a decent shelf-life, so there is no worry about using them right away.


Bottom Line

The above groceries only represent the cheapest option and should help you stretch your meals. They will also help you to avoid compromising your healthy eating habits. 

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